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Friday, 8 April 2016

Acerola Cherry Powder Plus 1,000 my

Acerola Cherry Powder Plus 1,000 mg
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Acerola Cherry Powder Plus 1,000 mg (With Zinc).
Marcelo Pereira's cherry powder plus.
With zinc amino chelate (zinc).
"Acne Skin Care immune system."
Vitamin C in its natural form
** Vitamin C than oranges 30-80 times !!

- Gives a clear skin.
- Reduce and prevent acne breakouts.
- Immunization prevent colds
- Antioxidant anti-aging
- Hair follicles were just stronger.

:: :: Benefits of vitamin C.
- Antioxidant Aging undertakings to reduce fine lines.

Hundreds of aging
- Eating regularly helps keep the skin soft, silky slip.

- Helps the immune system stronger than it has.

More effective
- Help prevent scurvy.
- Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
- Enhances the absorption of iron.
- A natural laxative
- Reduces the symptoms that result from substances that cause allergies.

Ingredients in 1 tablet of Acerola Cherry 1,000 mg:
- Acerola Cherry Extract 1000 mg.
- Citrus bio velocity increases 80 mg.
- Zinc 60 mg.
- Alpha Lipoic Acid 50 mg.
- Beta carotene, 30 mg. 

How to eat - Take 1 tablet daily to nourish your skin with or after dinner. - 

Containing 30 tablets

 Price:Rm 30 (Postage Rm 7 sm /Rm 11 ss)